Marcie with violin and Eddie Ed with Elvis wig

Eddie Ed's one-man show, A Man Called Silly, was picked as L.A, Times' Best Bet.

      He's the lead in a charming short film called "Potluck." He has appeared 11 times at The Comedy Store on Sunset Strip.  

     Eddie Ed won Best Actor in a Cameo for "Sordid Lives" with Kentwood Players, a community theater in Westchester.

Marcie stopped off on the way, playing in the Long Beach and Westchester Symphonies and now playing her father's violin.

     It was at Toastmasters that she met Eddie Ed, who was so entertaining, she married him.

     Marcie acted and sang in musical theater showcases with Cathy Gabrielle Wallace, and she sings arias from Puccini operas.

Marcie O'Brien's dad, Frank Costanzo, was a violinist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. When she was 5, her parents handed her a tiny violin, hopped on her back and said, "Take us to Carnegie Hall!"

Eddie Ed O'Brien has been doing comedy since high school when Miss Klein laughed hysterically at his riff on a poem by Lord Byron.  It's been a gazillion jokes and laughter ever since!

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"I play classical violin. I sing musical theater and opera."

Ed holds goose for the Big Red Poetry Barn
Marcie singing
Eddie Ed at Kentwood Players

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Marcie plays violin at Boulevard Music

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